The Senior Trip is a long-standing and capstone experience at Great Hearts Academies. Students explore together their heritage contained in great art and architecture, scientific and technological marvels, religious, political, and cultural achievements in and around the Federal City, Washington, D.C., and in Virginia. Students have a chance to visit the sites and explore the ideas that contributed to the American Founding. It is an exercise in cultivated leisure, a kind for which they have been uniquely prepared. Students engage in mutual reflections on profound things, ideas and reality come together, and as a consequence, they learn more deeply Aristotle’s teaching on friendship as shared experiences.

The final cost for the trip will be communicated in the fall of senior year. The school works with students to provide fundraising opportunities to reduce the cost of the trip. Parents of high schoolers can support their students by serving and participating in fundraisers.

Great Hearts’ Student Testimonial:

“The Senior Trip was the highlight of my high-school experience. The classes …  have knit my classmates and I close and this trip was the final stitch. Not only was our senior trip to Washington D.C. the perfect way to culminate our precious years …, but it also was a beckoning from the world stretched out before all of us.” (Jordan Diab, Veritas Class of 2015)

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