Poetry is one of the fundamental ways students encounter beauty in ways that startle and delight them. Through memorization and recitation of great works of poetry, study of forms and examples, and compositions of their own works of poetry, students can exercise their creativity and connect with poets and their questions. In 6th grade poetry, students learn the basics of poetic form, studying examples of sonnets, odes, nonsense poetry, free verse, and so much more. They learn to love composing their own works, ranging from the humorous nonsense poems in imitation of “Jabberwocky” to odes to great works of art. In 11th grade poetry, students take initiative in their poetry project, where they choose an author to focus on for an extended period of study involving imitation poems, study of their life and body of work, and presentations to their peers. Through all of this, students find joy in the lessons poetry can teach us about better loving the world and others with an attentiveness we so often forget in the business of everyday life.

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