The Glendale Prep Studio Art program focuses on developing foundational visual and technical skills in each student in order for them to understand and produce beautiful images. We rely heavily on observational drawings that include natural and classical cast forms. We study and replicate masterworks as a means to practice how line communicates shape, form, space, movement, harmony, among other principles. Reproducing a mastercopy allows an artist to learn how to block in and deconstruct a complicated work into simple shapes. In building upon a pillar of classical education, beauty, we find joy in seeing and showing order in the world around us.

Enrichment course in Art

Fine Arts: In the Fine Arts Enrichment, students will have the opportunity to continue their artistic studies and explore different mediums that are not available in standard art classes. Students will continue to grow in their own techniques, but will also have the opportunity to feature their work in the Night of the Arts Exhibition. This enrichment will meet once a week, and is open to middle school students.

Photography: Students will learn basic camera skills, elements of art and principles of design to create photographic artwork. At each meeting, students will learn a new camera skill and artistic technique. For the next meeting, students will create photographic artwork to be presented and critiqued using the learned skill and technique. Digital SLR cameras are recommended or camera app with manual settings in handheld devices.

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