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Weekly Blast 4.1.2021

School Dates to Note:

  • Apr 2 – No School
  • Apr 5-9 – AzMerit 6th-8th & 10th Grade
  • Apr 13-15 AzSci 8th & 11th Grade
  • Apr 19-20 All School Off-Site Learning
  • Apr 23 – Early Release 12:05 p.m.
  • Apr 23 – Final Senior Retreat (Onsite)
  • Apr 30 – Matriculation Day
  • May 1 – Junior & Senior Prom
  • May 7 – Early Release 12:05 p.m.
Table of Contents:

  1. A Note From Headmaster [1]
  2. Senior Thesis [2]
  3. Schedules for AzMerit [3]
  4. GP Tote Bags [4]
  5. 2020-2021 Yearbook [5]
  6. Tax Time [6]
  7. College Counseling [7]
  8. GP Athletics [8]
  9. GP Block Schedule: Regular & Half Days [9]
A Note From Headmaster

Hello Parents,

There is power in questions. We have had a number of teaching candidates visiting Glendale Prep over the last month or so. I am always humbled and blessed to hear them share their impression of our students; one common theme is that our students have an attitude of respect and are engaged. Although they cannot articulate, these candidates see the heart of what we are doing as a school and community. One recent candidate led a discussion in a 6th grade History class connected to the Great Depression, and this particular article detailed the suffering of people. The question posed to the students was this- What do the three families have in common; how do they differ? We hope for and train our students to be able to consider a question, use a text to find evidence for their claim, and engage in a conversation with one another. The seminar began after the students took a minute or so to look at pictures taken during the Great Depression; this candidate asked the students to look at the faces of these people and consider, What do you notice? This was all that was needed to take a seminar and make it connect existentially for the students. They were not unpacking a text to answer the question technically but had to humanely encounter the reality of suffering. They noticed the plight of each family and how each family sought to endure and overcome with hope. It was real; there was life in the conversation; our students were able to exercise their sympathetic imagination or empathy from their own experience to care. The power of questions compels us to not merely answer a question but consider our common humanity in that discussion. What we certainly share in common is suffering, more or less, and all strive to hope for good in the midst of it.

Have a great three-day weekend,

Mr. Navarrette

Senior Thesis
Senior Thesis Defense Panels are quickly approaching! All panels will consist of two main parts: 1) The Thesis Presentation: a brief presentation (of about 10 minutes) in which the student will highlight the essential ideas of the paper; and 2) The Thesis Panel Discussion: a panel of three faculty readers will be convened to conduct a discussion with the student about his or her Thesis. Parents are invited to attend. Please enter through the front office.

Next week the following students will have their panels:

Senior Student Date & Time
Isabella Faris Monday, April 5that 3:30 PM
Jeiel Brucker Monday, April 5th at 3:45 PM
Zoe Nichols Tuesday, April 6th at 3:30 PM
Rachel Schmidt Tuesday, April 6th at 3:45 PM
Emma Mahoney Wednesday, April 7th at 3:30 PM
Patricia Buckley Wednesday, April 7th at 3:45 PM
JT Janssen Thursday, April 8th at 3:30 PM
Christopher Curran Thursday, April 8th at 3:45 PM
Mikaelyn Dela Cruz Friday, April 9th at 3:30 PM
Marin Clark Friday, April 9th at 3:45 PM

Schedules for AzMerit Testing
Please note that due to AzMerit testing for grades 6th-8th, and 10th-11th the daily class schedules will be adjusted schoolwide. Considering the standardized nature of the test, it will not be possible to reschedule the test if your student is absent. Therefore, it is important that your student is present on the day of testing. Distance Learners can partake in the testing by arriving at the front office at 7:50 a.m. on testing days. All exams will be administered from 8:05 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Please click the links below and print the altered School Block Schedule for April 5th-9th for your reference when planning any appointments.

Grade Writing Reading I Math I Reading II Math II Science
6 Mon., April 5th Tues., April 6th Wed., April 7th Thurs., April 8th Fri., April 9th None
7 Mon., April 5th Tues., April 6th Wed., April 7th Thurs., April 8th Fri., April 9th None
8 Mon., April 5th Tues., April 6th Wed., April 7th Thurs., April 8th Fri., April 9th Tues., April 13th
9 None None None None None None
10 Mon., April 5th Tues., April 6th Wed., April 7th Thurs., April 8th Fri., April 9th None
11 None None None None None Tues., April 13th

GP Tote Bags
GP totes are available for $10 by credit card on the PSO Online Spirit Store [12] or $10 cash in the front office. This is the only bag that students may bring into the classroom.

2020-2021 Yearbook
Click here [13] to reserve your GP Yearbook now on the GP Payment Portal. You can have your student’s name imprinted on the GP Yearbook by clicking here [14].

Not sure if you’ve preordered? Check your GP Payment Portal [15] account by logging in and clicking the “Account” tab then “Order History.”


We are less than two weeks from TAX DAY!  **Be aware, although the Federal deadline for filing taxes has been moved to May 17th, the deadline for filing Arizona State taxes remains April 15th.**  Please take advantage of the Arizona Public School Tax Credit. You can deduct up to $400 from your tax bill when you give your tax credit to Glendale Prep. Simply click here [16] to give! For questions call Cathy Sparks 623.889.0822.

College Counseling

·   MIDWESTERN UNIVERSITY: Summer Health Careers Institute for high school students takes place July 12-July 16. View detailed information and application HERE [17]. The deadline to apply is May 1, 2021

·      TRI-UNIVERSITY WEEK: Our three in-state public universities are hosting a virtual event from March 21st through April 3rd, to provide students and families with more information about the college application process. Webinars are held on several different dates and times. A couple of recommended sessions include: Admissions 101 and Paying for College, Understanding Financial Aid, and Scholarships. Conference schedule details and registration can be found HERE [18].

·      CACHET (consortium of engineering colleges) VIRTUAL EVENT: Taking place on March 29-April 1, 2021, this includes a ‘6×6’ college fair, collaborative workshops featuring several colleges and universities, and information sessions focused on specific colleges and universities. The times listed are all Central Time. Students, families, and counselors can register for these events on the CACHET STEM Days landing page [19].

·      COLLEGE COUNSELING WEBSITE: This webpage [20] can be accessed through the Glendale Prep main website [21] and is a good resource for up-to-date information on testing schedules, summer pre-college programs, and college counseling events.

GP Athletics
GP Athletics is excited to announce an upcoming community event! On Saturday, April 24th, GP Athletics will host our first annual “Golden Grif Wiffle Ball Tournament”! We are inviting Archway & Prep families to participate (5th grade – Up). Students and parents alike can participate, and each team is guaranteed two games. Teams must have four players each and capping participation at 16 teams. The participation fee is $40.00 and registration must be complete by April 21st. Click here [22] to register your team now.

BECOME A SPONSOR: Are you a small business owner? Do you want to support the vision of GP Athletics? Become a sponsor today! Click this link to learn more: Annual Athletic Sponsorship [23].

Tax Credits: GP Athletics is thankful for the many friends and families who contribute their Arizona Tax Credits to Glendale Prep. If you haven’t done so yet, click here to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/1655544328008727/posts/2892750240954790/ [24]

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