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Weekly Blast 3.12.2021

School Dates to Note:

  • Mar 15-19 – Spring Break/No School
  • Mar 22-26 Senior (In-State) Trip
  • Mar 22 – Quarter 4 (Block A)
  • Mar 22 – Uniform Shorts Permitted
  • Mar 24 – SAT (11th Graders)
  • Mar 27 – 6th Grade Study Skills
  • Apr 2 – No School
  • Apr 5-9 – AzMerit 6th-8th & 10th Grade
  • Apr 13-15 AzSci 8th & 10th Grade
  • Apr 19-20 All School Off-Site Learning
  • Apr 23 – Early Release 12:05 p.m.
Table of Contents:

  1. A Note From Headmaster [1]
  2. Re-Enrollment [2]
  3. Traffic Reminder [3]
  4. 6th Grade Study Skills Workshop [4]
  5. Prepared for the Day [5]
  6. Tax Credit [6]
  7. College Counseling [7]
  8. GP Athletics [8]
  9. GP Block Schedule: Regular & Half Days [9]
A Note From Headmaster

Hello Parents,

Can good come from evil? Is it possible that all things work together for good? These are questions that I wrestle with when considering evil, both moral evil and natural suffering. I think what epitomizes the concept of hope is this- to believe in confidence that good can be found, even in the midst of evil. As we finished up To Kill a Mockingbird with 8th grade, I decided to assign a freewriting session for my students to answer a number of questions including- Should students read To Kill a Mockingbird, given the evils in the story, particularly racism? Years from now when your own child or a student share that they do not like the story because we see so intimately and personally the evils of racism, how will you encourage them to find hope and good in the story; in life?

I was blessed by reading some of the responses from our students that I want to share with you.

To Kill a Mockingbird forces people to look deeper and ask the question, “Why”?…It gives us a reminder of how repulsed we should be of sin, injustice, and racism.

To Kill a Mockingbird makes us stop and review our own evil…Knowing our evil can better us in knowing good. It may be uncomfortable…but discomfort leads to growth in understanding good and evil. While it shows the hate people show each other, it also shows the love people show each other…it shows there are still people fighting for humanity; we should and can too.

Have a nice break,

Mr. Navarrette

Parents, thank you so much for completing the re-enrollment process by the deadline date yesterday. If you completed the process you should have received a “Re-Enrolment Complete” email from Great Hearts.

Completing re-enrollment helps us plan next school year’s budget and allows us to award available seats to those eagerly awaiting an offer to attend Glendale Prep. It also provides Glendale Prep with proof of Arizona residency for our yearly audit.

If you did not receive the email for re-enrollment, please check your junk folder or reach out to Mrs. Hayakawa [10] right away. We are looking forward to the 2021-2022 school year together!

Traffic Reminder
Parking spots for students, teachers, volunteers, and visitors are very limited. Please use the queue to drop off your child(ren). “…parking in order to either drop off or walk a student to class is not allowed during morning drop-off…” Click here [11] to review the 2020-2021 Traffic Procedure Document.

6th Grade Study Skills Workshop
Please join us for the 6th Grade Study Skills Workshop on Saturday, March 27th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. via Zoom. We recommend that all 6th-graders who aspire to be stronger students attend. We will allow the first 25 to register and will then begin a waitlist. If there are enough students on the waitlist, we will then offer a second session from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Please note that students are required to wear their uniforms and have a notebook and writing utensils available during the workshop. Entrance past 9:10 a.m. will not be permitted.

While the workshop will be directed toward the students, we encourage parents to be a part of the session as an observer so they can help reinforce the techniques and strategies at home.

This workshop will cover:

  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Test Preparation
  • Note Taking and Outlining

Students are asked to attend the workshop with at least one parent. The cost is $15 ($25 for 2 or more siblings/parent teams). Sign up HERE [12] to secure a spot. Registration ends Monday, March 22nd.

Prepared for the Day
To limit the exposure of Covid-19 throughout the campus we ask that students are prepared for school each day. Please ensure your child has lunch, books, homework, mask, water bottle, and transportation plans the night before. It should only be a very rare occasion that a forgotten item is left in the front office to be picked up or a calls home is needed. Lunches should not be dropped off or calls made home on a regular basis. Thank you for helping to keep our campus healthy and running. Please email any questions to Mrs. Hayakawa at shayakawa@glendaleprep.org [10].


Working on your taxes this weekend? Don’t forget to subtract up to $400 from your Arizona State tax bill. For example, if you discover you owe the State of Arizona a check for $750…don’t write a check for $750.  Instead, write Arizona a check for $350 and write a second check to Glendale Prep for $400 (or click on the link below to use your credit card). You can choose how your tax dollars are spent. Thank you, Arizona!

If you have yet to make your Tax Credit contribution to Glendale Prep, you have until April 15, 2021, to make this important contribution to our school and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit off your Arizona State tax bill. For questions contact Cathy Sparks at 602.770.7552 or csparks@glendaleprep.org [13]. Thank you for supporting our school! Click here to DONATE NOW [14].

College Counseling

·   JUNIORS: In-school SAT day is Wednesday, March 24th. Be sure to use the remaining time to prep for the test! Come to school on time that day having eaten a nutritious breakfast. Bring #2 pencils and a calculator.

·      TRI-UNIVERSITY WEEK: Our three in-state public universities are hosting a virtual event from March 21st through April 3rd, to provide students and families with more information about the college application process. Webinars are held on several different dates and times. A couple of recommended sessions include: Admissions 101 and Paying for College, Understanding Financial Aid, and Scholarships. Conference schedule details and registration can be found HERE [15].

·      CACHET (consortium of engineering colleges) VIRTUAL EVENT: Taking place on March 29-April 1, 2021, this includes a ‘6×6’ college fair, collaborative workshops featuring several colleges and universities, and information sessions focused on specific colleges and universities. The times listed are all Central Time. Students, families, and counselors can register for these events on the CACHET STEM Days landing page [16].

·      COLLEGE COUNSELING WEBSITE: This webpage [17] can be accessed through the Glendale Prep main website [18] and is a good resource for up-to-date information on testing schedules, summer pre-college programs, and college counseling events.

GP Athletics
Winter Sports Recap:
MS Baseball – Finished by competing in the GHMSL Playoffs.
MS Softball – Finished undefeated this season for the first time in school history!
MS Soccer Girls – Finished 3rd in the GHMSL.
MS Soccer Boys – Finished the season with an inter-squad scrimmage.
HS Boys Basketball – Finished by competing in the AIA Playoffs and won their Region.
HS Girls Basketball – Finished by competing in the AIA Playoffs!
HS Girls Soccer – Finished by competing in the AIA State Play-IN game.
HS Boys Soccer – Finished the season on a high note with a battle vs. Fountain Hills.

Great job to all of our GP Athletics Programs!

Spring Sports Payment: If your child is playing spring sports, please submit payment by clicking the link below if you have not done so already: https://glendaleprep.configio.com/ShoppingCart.aspx [19].

BECOME A SPONSOR: Are you a small business owner? Do you want to support the vision of GP Athletics? Become a sponsor today! Click this link to learn more: Annual Athletic Sponsorship [20].

Tax Credits: GP Athletics is thankful for the many friends and families who contribute their Arizona Tax Credits to Glendale Prep. If you haven’t done so yet, click here to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/1655544328008727/posts/2892750240954790/ [21]

Follow Us: @gpathleticdept – Instagram & @Glendale Prep Athletics – Facebook

Thank you to our GOLD Level Athletic Sponsors
Clean Air Solutions, Penny Chiropractic, Pete King Construction, and Shipley Orthodontics 
Contact them today and tell them Glendale Prep sent you!

To join our Athletic Parent Board email gp_APO@glendaleprep.org [22] with your full name and the sport that your child participates in. 


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